Things to do

There is so much to do in the Hudson Valley. Views, Art, Culture, Outdoors, Recreation, Entertainment, History, Dining, Shopping and more. Each month we’ll add new ideas for how you can explore and take advantage of all the Hudson Valley has to offer.

Four Seasons of Outdoor Adventure for Everyone
If you like outdoor fun, you’ll love the Hudson Valley. The famous Appalachian Trail (that was actually started here) is just one of the thousands of miles of trails enjoyed by hikers. Destination ski resorts, executive golf courses to PGA, white water rafting, world-renowned rock climbing, boat cruises, and fantastic fishing are just the beginning of the excitement you’ll find in the Hudson Valley outdoors.

History Through the Eyes of Our Ancestors
When Henry Hudson sailed the Half Moon up our river in 1609, he was the first in a long list of remarkable travelers to the Hudson Valley. Since then, the region has been home to presidents, actors, writers, and world leaders. From the commanding United States Military Academy at West Point to the fabulous Great Estates, visitors are amazed by the rich history and culture found in our famous historic attractions and museums.

Cuisine Unlimited
The greatest chefs come from the Culinary Institute of America, located right here in the Hudson Valley. Whether it’s casual dining or white tablecloth service, gourmet fare can be found even in the smallest villages. The best part is that our farms provide the fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and wines you’ll find on many of our restaurant’s menus.

Enticing Offerings for Every Kind of Shopper
We have the antique you’re looking for as well as that must-have chic dress. Literally hundreds of antiques stores, craft shops, and boutiques fill the Hudson Valley along with brand name designer stores and outlets. Poke around for some real bargains, chat with artists and crafts people in their shops, or invest in a treasure that will help you remember your trip forever.

Talent of Every Kind
America’s first arts movement started here in 1825, and paintings by the Hudson River School artists can be found in major museums throughout the world. Modern art is well represented with major museums such as Storm King Arts Center and Dia:Beacon, both international destinations. Cultural festivals and various artistic performances speak to the diversity of the region, while art colonies and craft villages offer inside views of skilled artisans at work.

 For Your Entertainment and Enjoyment
The Hudson Valley’s hundreds of fairs, festivals, and performances are packed with entertainment. Food festivals for apples, cheese, garlic, wine, and many more attest to the verdant growing area of our farms. Country fairs, county expositions, and cultural festivities of all nationalities offer an inside look to the diversity of our population. Live performances from Civil War reenactments to free concerts will keep you busy all year long.