History of the Hudson Valley

Henry Hudson First Explored the Valley over 400 Years ago.

historyhv_photoSince then, we’ve hosted millions of visitors from all over the world. Our river is named for Explorer Hudson, and the charming villages that line its shore are the front windows to stores of treasures you’ll discover further inland.

The Hudson Valley is famous for being the first wine producing region in the country, while the bountiful farms have been here for centuries. The scenery is so remarkable it inspired the first arts movement in the U.S, the Hudson River School. These 1800’s artists/naturalists-on-canvas would not be surprised to learn that 20th century residents were crusaders in saving the Hudson Valley landscape at Storm King Mountain where the country’s environmental movement was born.

Ramble over forts from the Revolutionary War, and see where Washington and his wife Martha lived for most of it. The area was so strategic for defense, America’s first military academy was established here. West Point stands commandingly over the Hudson River, producing leaders of our country since 1802.

A hundred years later, manor houses of these early Americans gave way to mansions now known as the Great Estates. Touring homes of the Vanderbilts, Roosevelts, and Rockefellers offers visitors an inside view of how the wealthy lived in style.

Interesting tales are around every corner, secrets shared, and some still a mystery. The Hudson Valley has all the intrigue of the past wrapped in the comforts of the 21st century. Come experience 400 years of hospitality that remain the hallmark of our region. We welcome your visit, just as we did Henry’s.